The Cromis

The Cromis is a no-frills, shallow-water fishing machine and was the first skiff we brought into production.  We wanted to build a skiff that would get you into and out of the shallowest backlakes and flats without leaving any footprint.  The Cromis tunnel is designed so that if you choose an outboard jet, the outboard jet intake sits above the bottom of the hull. This allows the Cromis to take off and plane in extremely shallow water without any damage or scarring of the bay bottom.  The Cromis is extremely easy on the pole due to its lightweight construction, high length-to-beam ratio and fore-aft weight balance.  The unique hull design and low freeboard minimize sail effect and crabbing, resulting in a hull that tracks effortlessly without the need for constant correction.  If you’re irrationally obsessed with chasing fish with their backs out of the water, the Cromis is the skiff for you.


Length: 18’8”

Beam: 58”

Draft: 3.5 -4.5”

Hull Weight: 350lbs

Recommended Power: 25 HP Outboard Jet or Prop

Construction: Fully cored, epoxy resin infused E-glass/S-Glass hybrid laminate with awlgrip finish

Capacity Rating: 2 Persons

Fuel Capacity: 17 gallon aluminum tank under forward bow

Layout: Offered in both tiller and center console configurations